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Tour of the Historic District [42-102K]

1) Catamaran

2) Bridge

3) Bridge view

4) Hideho

5) Movie set

6) After the storm

7) Creek reflections

8) Creek view

9) Studio

10) Trolley house

11) The old boardwalk

12) North end

13) Typical day

14) Nelda's

15) Gray house

16) Gray house

17) Yellow house

18) White cottage

19) Winter sunset

20) Dog's life

21) David's

22) Lost youth

Historic District Panorama

Historic District, Saturday March 24, 2001
.....Composite picture spliced together from 73 photographs


360 Degree Panorama

Moro Peak, Sunset, April 5 '99
.....View of Signal Peak, Saddleback Mountain, Pacific Ocean


Panoramic view of Laguna Beach

May 2005
.....From the southern edge of the park


Pictures from Crystal Cove State Park


Rocks 2

Reef Point

Debris and birds

Rocks 4

Rainbow at sunset

Current Plans--Official Documents


News Archives

Campground project halted at El Moro

Campground project to begin at El Morro

Irvine Ranch Acreage Gets Landmark Status

Chillin' at Crystal Cove

O.C.'s Beach Shacks Are Open for Business

The Line's Long for This Seaside Spot

Reservations for cottages coming soon

State Workers' Low Rents Not So Cozy for Taxpayers

Vandalism Is Blamed on Evicted Tenants

Vandalism mars vacated El Morro

El Morro's new tomorrow

Seaside Trailer Park Residents End Long Dispute

Dan Walters: Soap opera finally nears an end

Help for Victims of Landslide May Further Delay Park Plan

El Morro Trailer Park--Home for Slide Victims?

Campbell Scales Back his Crystal Cove Proposal

Campbell Has Plans for Cove Project

Trailer-Park Dwellers Fight Eviction From Paradise

DeVore's Bills to Prevent El Morro Evictions Are Dropped

DeVore Won't Fight Evictions

Preview Tour of Restored Cottages

DeVore's El Morro Bills Follow Gifts

DeVore's response to Pilot editorials

Coastline Pilot/Daily Pilot Editorial: "DeVore took the wrong side"

Bills Would Keep Homes at El Morro

Bills Would Keep Homes at El Morro

Senate Bill 328

Senate Bill 329

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Q & A with Assemblyman DeVore about El Morro

Bills Would Keep Homes at El Morro

State Steps Up Beachfront Battle

El Morro Residents Resist Move

Judge Affirms Park Eviction

El Morro Trailers to be Removed

Renovation of the Historic District Cottages Has Begun

El Morro Trailer Residents Again Propose Plan to Stay Put

State Plans to Renovate, Rent Crystal Cove Cottages

Coastal Panel to Help Fund Crystal Cove Restoration

Future of El Morro MobileHomes

Extend the Leases at El Morro?

Cottage Restoration Delayed

State to Drop Resort Project at Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove Residents Receive Eviction Notices From State

Response to January's public information meeting:
State Parks backing out of resort deal

State Parks Department public information meeting
1-18-2001, 7 pm, Corona Del Mar

New plans suggested for historic district cottages

Runoff From Irvine Company's 800 New Homes to Dump Into Crystal Cove;
EPA, Fish and Wildlife Service Alarmed

Crystal Cove State Park--
Private Developers Take Over a Prime Public Beach

Help Save Crystal Cove--Stop the Take-over

History of Crystal Cove State Park

Location of Crystal Cove State Park

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