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by Murray Rosenthal (1/26/05)

We're sitting in on the end game relative to El Morro Village. The leases expired on 12/31. The state has offered the former tenants an extension to 3/30 for a payment of $3000 for which the state will remove and dispose of the trailers. A few tenants have accepted the deal; the rest are sitting tight. In fact, the master lease holder is threatening to evict tenants who do not pay him rent. The state is filing‹has filed?‹unlawful detainers against the holdout tenants as a step toward their eviction and has warned them that if they lose this action they will be liable for court costs, legal fees, and all eviction and removal costs. Devore, the new Assemblyman, is introducing a bill to extend the leases for 30 years. We think that a new Republican assemblyman won't get anywhere in the current Democratic-controlled Assembly. There are obviously attempts to get the Governor to extend the leases, which might happen.


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