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Development of Crystal Cove Park

By the Director, Department of Parks and Recreation

[ Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times 5-2-'99]

As a former chair of the California Coastal Commission and now as director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, I join with most Californians in their concern about the private use of California's public beaches (" The Parks Are for Everyone," April 6 editorial).

But while no final decision on the proposed development at Crystal Cove State Park's historic district has been made, there are some important facts about which you should be aware.

Contrary to what some believe, the current proposal calls for the beach area and its many improvements to be open to the public. In addition, if the plan were to be approved by the state Park and Recreation Commission and the California Coastal Commission, all operations would be developed and maintained in full compliance with the department's stringent rules and regulations.

This is not to imply in any way that a decision on the proposed development at Crystal Cove has been made.

More study and work--including public input--will precede action by the two commissions.

As the director, I am committed to ensuring that any project we undertake at any of our beautiful parks follows our noble mission to help protect California's most valued natural and cultural resources and to create new opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation.

At a complex park such as Crystal Cove, with a registered historic district and high-demand beaches, the challenges are numerous. But our mission will not be denigrated in the process, regardless of the final decision.

Director, Department of Parks and Recreation


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