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Important Contract Facts

[Reproduced from a hand-out obtained at the Laguna Canyon Conservancy meeting 3-30-1998]

1. State Park facilities are generally available on a first come, first served basis, free of discriminatory "resort" rates. The RFP calls for "services which are primarily appropriate for families" with "a moderate pricing structure". But the contract calls for overnight "market rates comparable to those privately owned first class resort accomodations with services such as the Ahwanee, Post Ranch Inn, or the Ventana Inn". (One partner now operates Post Ranch Inn at rates from $285 to $545 per room).

2. The California Public Resources Code (5019.53) forbids adding improvements which are "attractions in themselves, or which are otherwise available to the public within a reasonable distance outside the Park". But the contract calls for a large restaurant and lounge (150 parking spaces), swimming pools, a fitness center, dive shop, and children's center in this 30's Historic District.

3. Crystal Cove Historic District is not a separate unit of the California system, but a 13 acre portion of the 2,800 acre Crystal Cove Park. As a Park it qualifies for protection against improper or overuse by Park statutes, rules, and environmental standards, under ranger supervision. But contract terms allow occupation and control of the entire Historic District from Los Trancos Parking Lot to the mean high tide line (like gate guarded private areas) with control of beach recreation, the underwater Park, educational programs, the interpretive center in addition to resort facilities. The resort operator has discretion to restrict day visitors, give priority to "guests", and establish rates. Special events planned by Parks will require permission of the concessionaire who alone will reap the income from film makers on location. Park Rangers may be limited to acting as security guards for the concessionaire.

4. The proposed contract is not "a done deal" since it is incompatible** with the approved General Plan and the District "Public Use Plan", both produced with exemplary public input in 1982. But State Parks will prepare Amendments and a "Public Use Revision" to "fit" the resort contract and seek to have them approved at both Parks and Coastal Commissions hearings in order to render the contract viable, effective. Parks will also prepare an EIR.No public EIR scoping meeting is contemplated at this time.

The Coalition to "SAVE CRYSTAL COVE" requests the support of your organization in rejecting the resort concept and requestinq that decision makers fund Crystal Cove as a priority to make it available for both day and overnight use and enjoyment by the great majority of Californians without discriminatory rates or further delay.

* California Public Resources Code Section 5080.27 "Crystal Cove" ** California Public Resources Code Section 5080.03 (c)