184 CAHSEE Released Math Questions

As of 2010, the California State Department of Education has released a total of 216 questions that have appeared on the California State High School Exit Exam, starting in 2000. They are the best resource for teachers and students preparing for the exam, so most of them are being made available here, separated by strand, with a convenient numbered answer sheet and matching answer key. They can be printed out and used as a pre-test to diagnose weaknesses, and as practice exercises. Actual test questions have proven to be very similar to the released questions, so these are the next best thing to having an advance copy of the upcoming test. At the CDE Website, all 216 questions are together in a single Acrobat (pdf) file* with related detailed information.

Here are the questions, separated by strand:

on CAHSEE...
Number Sense 14 33
Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability... 12 25
Algebra and Functions 17 34
Measurement and Geometry 17 39
Math Reasoning 8 20
Algebra I 12 33
(Total) (80) (184)
Numbered answer document
Matching answer key

*Acrobat (pdf) files have the advantage of printing precisely like the original, and the released questions look just like the actual test, so students will be able to familiarize themselves with the format while they practice solving the problems. If you don't have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, go to the Adobe download Webpage.

2009 update: (from the CDE CAHSEE Website) "Eight of the 80 CAHSEE multiple-choice questions are based on 6 selected standards from the grade 7 Mathematical Reasoning strand. Each Mathematical Reasoning question used on the CAHSEE is also linked to one of the other strands. When CAHSEE results are reported to students and parents, the Mathematical Reasoning results are not reported separately; instead, the results are reported under the linked strand."


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