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Who are the Developers?

[Information from L.A. Times article]

Resort Design Group, San Francisco: Responsible for development, architecture and management. Managing partner Michael Freed is the general partner in Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, LP, which owns Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur. They also developed resorts in Fiji Islands and Woodside, California.

Post Ranch LP, Big Sur: Owner of the Big Sur resort. Resort Design is a limited partner.

Investec Management Co., Santa Barbara: Major builder, developer and management company for residential properties headed by Kenneth P. Slaught. The 35th largest home builder in Southern California last year; not expected to be a contractor for Crystal Cove.

Ekotek, Laguna Niguel: An engineering firm started by Roy Roberson, a civil engineer. He came up with the plans for renovating Crystal Cove after being engineering director for the widening and realignment of Coast Highway at Crystal Cove and Newport Coast Drive, then persuaded Resort Design to join him.


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