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The New York Times
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Los Angeles Times
San Francisco Chronicle
Sacramento Bee
OC Register
LA Weekly
Rough & Tumble CA
California Globe
The Week
New Yorker
National Affairs
Foreign Affairs
Commentary Magazine
Columbia Journalism Review
Wall Street Journal
Financial Times UK
Mother Jones
PC Magazine
Smithsonian magazine
The Economist UK
BBC Online News UK
Guardian UK
Guardian US
Observer UK
Daily Mail UK
Daily Mail US
Times UK
Times Literary Supplement UK
Spectator UK
De Zeit Germany
Connexion France
Irish Times
The Local France
Globe and Mail Canada
China Digital Times USA
Epoch Times
Jerusalem Post Israel
Haaretz Israel
Arab News Saudi Arabia
Al Jazeera Qatar
Daily Monitor Uganda
Pasadena Journal
L.A. Sentinel
Jewish Journal
Unidos In Spanish
Unidos In English
Sporting News
Track and Field News
Let's Run
Outside magazine
Discover Magazine
Free Beacon

Video & Movies
Open Culture
Top Documentaries
Top Online Documentaries
US National Archives
Khan Academy
Curated science videos
World Star Hip Hop
Internet Movie Data Base
AFI 100 Greatest Movies As of 2007
TIME top 100 movies As of 2011
Sight & Sound critics' top 250 movies 2012
British Pathe historical newsreels
Wall Street Journal videos
In a Nutshell
Real Engineering

Pictures, Design, Architecture
Arch Daily
American Bungalow
Google Arts & Culture
Yanko Design
Blender 3D user gallery
Design You Trust
But Does It Float
Shorpy Photographs from 1850s to 1950s
Old book illustrations
Visual Complexity
Data visualization (2009)
Flowing Data
Data is Beautiful Reddit (cookies)
Information is Beautiful
Visual Capitalist
Print Magazine
Communication Arts
Logo Lounge
Stamen Projects
Edward Tufte Data visualization
The Functional Art Alberto Cairo
National Geographic + Alberto Cairo
Don Norman Design: Function & structure, not form & style
Dieter Rams: 10 Principles of Design
Design Principles 1
Design Principles 2
Laws of Simplicity
Worse is Better
Practical Typography
Explain like a comic strip
Bret Victor
TRIZ creativity variables Invention matrix

Cartoons & Humor
Jack Ohman Pulitzer: 2016
Michael Ramirez Pulitzers: 1994, 2008
Far Side
Baby Blues
Basic Instructions
Get Fuzzy
Cul de Sac
Richard's Poor Almanac Richard Thompson
Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson
Home Star Runner
The Onion
Babylon Bee
Genesius Times

Interactive scale of everything Flash
Astronomy click to zoom
Trillion visualizer
Greatest speeches -- original recordings
Findsounds.com Javascript

Open Street Map with native language labels
Open Street Maps with English labels
Bing Maps
Scale-a-tron Compare areas
National Geographic's Map Machine
National Geographic Interactive Map Maker
USA maps U.S. Geological Survey
3-D pictures from NASA satellite data
U.S. Geological Survey
USGS Spectroscopy Lab
Earth mapping from Space Shuttle
World Mapper Proportional distortions per data
Dot density maps How-to + examples
USA map with 308,450,225 dots = 2010 census
US Race Demographics Zoom to 1:1
US Census Black population
Future sea levels Google maps with adjustable overlay
How to make a custom Google map
Continents after 216' sea level rise National Geographic
Cut Maps Laser cut city streets
U.S. Temperatures
U.S. Temperature abstract
U.S. Dewpoint abstract
USA wind chill temperatures
AccuWeatherUS RADAR Zoom & drag (cookies)
Accuweather Southern California satellite view (cookies)
Geostationary Satellite Updates every three hours
Wunderground Zooming visible USA satellite (daytime)
OC Register weather
NB 11-day weather forecast
US weather map + clouds (broken 11-8-20)
Cal Fire
California Fire Map SF Chronicle
Los Angeles County Fire Dept.
ESRI USA Wildfires Fire perimeter + satellite hot spots
Windy Wind currents + smoke setting
40 maps that explain the world Washington Post
40 more maps that explain the world
40 maps describing the Middle east
All Streets Ben Fry's USA map
USA and world streets 2' X 3' black and white print
ESRI ZIP cultural data
Voronoi world maps
Planets + all Ecliptic constellations use to update star chart
Monthly night sky maps (PDF)
Neave Planetarium Interactive; set for location, time, constellations, daylight; cursor identifies stars
Sky and Telescope updated night sky
Monthly Star chart click link for PDF
Night sky planets, nebulae updated details every few days
US Geological Survey Free USGS Topographical maps
David Rumsey Historical Maps Google Earth overlays
US Infrastructure
USA Noise map Zoomable
Atlas Obscura: Southern California
World light pollutions
US Broadband
High-res historical maps
Black line relief maps
Black line street maps Use custom settings: PNG or SVG
3D interactive Earth 1 Simple national borders
3D interactive Earth 2 Satellite perspective, Zoom to street detail
3D interactive Earth 3 15 variations
Daily Overview Satellite images
Los Angeles Red Car Trollies
CalTrans traffic cams
So Cal traffic zoom to Webcams
Newport Beach tides
California Coastal Records Project
So Cal traffic Sigalert + cameras
California maps archive
California topographical maps
CalTopo US topographical variations
Los Angeles area maps with interactive data
USA census neighborhood average income
LA Times road trips index
Southern California road trips
Orange County wilderness
Top 10 US road trips
LA Times data graphics
Los Angeles street maintenance
Los Angeles Fire response data
River Runner 3D animated US rainfall runoff tracker
3D relief maps

Encyclopedia Britannica
Infoplease: Columbia Encyclopedia

Math Resources Made by me
World Clock 144 cities; GMT seconds at bottom
US Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Archives.gov/exhibits/charters/ Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.
US Senate
US House of Representatives
How to contact your Representative Hat tip: Brenham Texas CC
Govtrack.us/ Congressional votes
US Supreme Court
Supreme Court blog
Oyez Supreme Court decisions explained
California Legislature
California Legislature Bill Information
FindLaw Directory of legal web sites
Logical fallacies
Logical fallacies poster
Biases poster
Gabriel Weinberg's Mental Models
Shane Parrish's Mental Models
Powell's Books Amazon alternative
Cliff's Notes
Bartleby Books, quotations
Bible Gateway Numerous versions and resources
Poynter 50 writing tools For journalists & reporters
ByteBack.org Typing tutorials
Google nGram Word frequency graph
Online Slang Dictionary
100 vocabulary words
1000 most common English words
1000 most common English words 2006 PDF
Dolch 220 most common words PDF
Google Translate
Forvo Pronunciation: 299 languages
Periodic Table Links to elements
Periodic Table Links to elements; illustrated examples
Periodic Table Abundance, radii, etc.
Electromagnetic spectrum Graphic
Rudiments of Wisdom Cartoon explanations
SourceForge Open Source software hub
ANKI digital flash cards
Speedtest.net Check Internet connection speed
DSL Reourts Check Internet connection speed
Track times equivalents 1 compare across events (e.g. 800m to 5000m)
Track times equivalents 2 compare yards to meters (e.g. mile to 1500 meters)
Track and field world records
2020 Olympic qualifying marks
Science of Running
US holidays
Alexa Top 500 sites
Wayback Machine Webpages archived from 1996

Mickey Kaus
Rush Limbaugh Daily transcripts
Byron York
Michael Hiltzik Pulitzer for business reporting
Washington Post Opinion columnists Bezos-owned
Real Clear Politics
Daily Kos
Megan McArdle
Don Surber
Victor Davis Hanson
Michael Goodwin
Stephen L. Miller
Unz Non-PC commentators
Claremont Institute
American Mind
Issues and Insights
Biz PAC Review
Mike Cernovich
Curtis Yarvin
Lawrence Person
Mollie Hemingway
Jonathan Turley
Ben Stein's Diary
Ann Coulter
George Will
The Nation
Charles Murray
Dominic Cummings U.K. Brexit
Scott Adams blog
Manhattan Institute
City Journal
Dennis Prager
Sara Carter
Spectator UK est. 1828
Spiked UK
Kim Strassel
Matt Taibbi
Matt Ridley
Daily Wire
Legal Insurrection
New Neo
New Discourses
Douglas Murray
Caroline Glick Israel

Science & Technology
Science Magazine
IEEE Spectrum
Science News
Live Science
Nature Magazine
Scientific American Blogs
The Scientist
Ars Technica
World of Wonder
Veritasium videos
Robert X. Cringely
Ray Kurzweil
Paul Graham
John Batelle
Gwern Branwen
Steven Strogatz Math marvels
Interference Review
Caltech Magazine
Caltech Breakthrough
Caltech lectures
Cambridge: Research Horizons
Periodic Videos
Alexey Guzey
Dan Wang
New Kind of Science Stephen Wolfram
Wolfram Physics Project
Edge 2017 Question
Theranos: Elizabeth Holmes

Inflation calculator
Market Capitalization ranking
Stock markets graph: Investopedia
Stock markets graph: CNN
Stock market symbol lookup
Bitcoin: price in dollars
Ethereum: price in dollars
Zero Hedge
Marginal Revolution Tyler Cowan & Alex Tabarrok
Tyler Cowan Bloomberg
AskBlog Arnold Kling blog
In My Tribe Arnold Kling Substack
Seth Godin
Naval Ravikant
Morgan Housel
Investor Amnesia Financial history
Scott Galloway
Robin Hanson
Rory Sutherland
John Cochrane
Scott Galloway YouTube
Matt Levine
Jason Zweig
Rational Walk
R. P. Seawright
Humble Dollar
Michael Batnick
Ben Carlson
John Rekenthaler
Martin Gurri
Mike Shedlock
Barry Ritholtz
Abnormal Returns
Stratechery Ben Thompson
Patrick Collison
Library of Economics and Liberty
EconTalk Podcast
Greg Mankiw
Benedict Evans
Bloomberg Opinion
Paul Krugman Nobelist
New Geography
Tim Harford
Harvard Business Review
The Simple Dollar
Dean Baker Worth noting
Nassim Taleb - Medium.com
NassimTaleb.org Black Swan, Skin in the Game
Niall Ferguson Financial history
Charles Hugh Smith
Vilfredo Pareto 80:20
Deming's 14 Points
51 key economics concepts For high school
100 rated Economics blogs
Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC Sure-thing sales pitch

Dan Walters #1 CA reporter
Julie Cart Pulitzer for enviromental reporting
Ag Alert
Transparent California Follow the money
Ralph Vartabedian Railroaded
Howard Blume LAUSD

Education Realist
EdSource PC
Chronicle of Higher Education
Education Week
Education Next
Inside Higher Ed
Hechinger Report
Hack Education
Cato Institute Education essays
Education by the Numbers
Data report design template Jenny Rankin Ph.D.
Great Schools Candid comparative data
School Digger
CA School Ratings
The College Fix
Red Queen in LA
Los Angeles Education Examiner
David Coleman
Heterodox Academy
Teach 100 Ranked blogs
Diane Ravitch: LA
The Ed Hed Walt Gardner
Walt Gardner Archive
Matt Reed CC
Joshua Kim Ed Tech
Catherine Gewertz
Joanne Jacobs
Rick Hess
Ed Watch Daily
Cal Newport
James G. Martin Center
Gary Rubinstein
LA School Report
Superintendent of the Year

Automobile Magazine
Motor Trend
Road & Track
Car and Driver
The Drive
The Truth About Cars
Dan Neil
Bring a Trailer

Less Wrong
Granola Shotgun
Salena Zito
Farnam Street
The Psychology of Human Misjudgment Charles T. Munger
Exploding Topics
Dark Roasted Blend
Library of Congress
Craig's List
NY Times Best Sellers
New York Review of Books
Arts and Letters Daily
Reader's Digest
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Volokh Conspiracy
The Truth About Guns
Random number generator
Astral Codex Ten
New York Times Well Blog
Psychology Today
James Thompson
James Altucher
Art of manliness
Flylady Unclutter
Original Signals
Virtual Desk Reference
Caffeine Informer
Blood Pressure Levels Five-level chart; normal to critical
Outkick the Coverage
Book summaries
Big Think
Lucky Maverick
Spotted Toad
Barking Up the Wrong Tree
James Somers
Tree Hugger
Assistant Village Idiot
Jordan Peterson
Glenn Greenwald
Freddie deBoer
Intellectual Takeout
The Bellows
Bari Weiss
Austin Vernon

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